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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Slide gates move along a track on the ground, requiring space in the direction they open. Cantilever gates, on the other hand, are suspended off the ground and glide in and out on rails mounted on the fence, needing space alongside the fence line but not along a ground track.

    For a slide gate, you need space equal to the gate’s width alongside the fence line for it to open. Cantilever gates require about twice the gate’s width in space beside the fence since they extend back as they open.

    Yes, both slide and cantilever gates can be automated, allowing for convenient and easy operation, often with remote controls or access control systems.

    Slide and cantilever gates are typically made from materials like steel or aluminum, known for their strength, durability, and ability to withstand various weather conditions.

    Slide and cantilever gates are highly secure, comparable to other types of gates. Their robust construction and the option for automation make them effective at preventing unauthorized access.

    Our gates are designed to withstand extreme weather, with materials and construction that resist rust, wind, and temperature changes. Cantilever gates are especially suitable for areas with snow or ice, as they don’t require a ground track.

    Yes, you can customize the
    design of your gate. Options include various materials, colors, finishes,
    and styles, such as chain link or ornamental designs, to match your
    property’s aesthetics and security needs.

    Slide gates are suitable for level grounds with enough space
    alongside the fence. Cantilever gates are better for uneven terrain or
    areas with limited space beside the fence, as they don’t require a ground
    track. Consider your space, the local climate, and your aesthetic
    preferences to make the best choice.

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      Secure Your Seattle Property with Our Gate Installation



      From Our Clients

      Trusted Gate Installation Seattle

      Looking for a reliable gate for your Seattle business? Our team offers expert installation services for slide and cantilever gates across the greater Seattle area.

      Whether you need a gate for a small driveway or a large commercial entrance, we’ve got you covered. Our gates are designed to handle Seattle’s unique weather, providing lasting security and convenience.

      Gate Styles Properties:
      Security Meets Elegance

      We offer a range of gate styles, from sturdy chain link to elegant ornamental designs, ensuring you find the perfect match for your property’s style.

      Our team works closely with you to understand your needs, ensuring your new gate not only enhances security but also adds to your property’s value.

      Choose us for a hassle-free installation experience. We handle everything from design to installation, ensuring your gate is set up perfectly for smooth operation. Our gates are a great investment for added security and style in the Seattle area.

      Slide vs. Cantilever Gates: Selecting the Best

      Understanding the key differences between slide rolling gates and cantilever gates is crucial for selecting the right option for your property.

      Slide rolling gates operate on a track system laid across the ground, requiring clear space along the gate’s path for smooth movement. This makes them suitable for commercial entrances with enough adjacent space for the gate to retract.

      On the other hand, cantilever gates are designed to ‘float’ without touching the ground, supported by rollers on the fence structure itself. This design eliminates the need for a track, making cantilever gates an ideal choice for areas where a track installation is impractical due to uneven terrain or harsh weather conditions typical in the Seattle area. Both options offer robust security and can be tailored to complement your property’s aesthetic, but the choice between them depends on your specific site requirements and preferences.

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